We have a comprehensive range of quality curtain linings that are both stylish and energy efficient in their application.

Sizes available include; 120, 140, 150, 280 in one pass in white and ivory.
And also 120, 140, 150, 280 in blockout in white, ivory and our new colour, chalk.

Sunshield Linings (UV protected)
Ultraviolet light is the main destroyer of furnishing fabrics and furniture within your home.
All our coated and uncoated linings rate 50+. This is the highest rating possible as tested by the Australian and New Zealand UPF regulatory authority, ARPANSA.
Filigree Linings have been designed to protect you and your furniture, carpets and fittings from damage and degradation.

Sunshield Blockout (4 pass)
Blockout fabrics are usually 2 or 3 pass. A layer of black (titanium) and a layer of white, or in the case of 3 pass, white-black-white. Our Lining product is 4 pass; thats white, two layers of black, and a white layer, still providing a soft handle and beautiful drape.

Quality Linings decrease:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cost of heating in winter
  • Cost of cooling in summer
  • Pinholes (reduction over 3 pass)
  • Noise

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