First Class Capital – 6 month interest free finance

  • 6 month interest free
  • Private & domestic customers only
  • Minimum purchase: $1,000 incl. GST

Summary of Key Terms
The following is a summary of the terms and conditions applicable to the Positiv Interest Free Pay-by-Instalment Plan (Positiv). The actual terms and conditions will be included in the Customer Agreement you receive from the Supplier offering you Positiv. Read the Terms and Conditions in the Customer Agreement before accepting and entering in to the Customer Agreement.

  1. Instalment Payments: Once approved, you will be able to pay the Contract Value explained to you by the Supplier by making instalment payments by direct debit. You must pay these regardless of any dispute over the quality, volume, reliability, delivery or fitness for purpose of the services or goods supplied by the Supplier.
  2. Default and Consequences of Default: You will be charged $38.50 (GST inclusive) for each unsuccessful direct debit. You may also be liable for interest and costs if you fail to make Instalment Payments on time based on a rate of 0.10% per day calculated on the daily balance due. You must pay all loss, liability, costs and disbursements incurred in recovering the debt (including but not limited to internal administration fees, legal costs on a solicitor and own customer basis, the collection agency costs, and bank dishonour fees). If You fail to pay each Instalment Amount on the due dates you maybe required to pay the entire balance of all unpaid Instalment Amounts immediately.
  3. Assignment by Supplier: The Supplier has agreed to assign its interest in the Customer Agreement, including its rights to the Instalment Amounts to First Class Securities Pty Ltd (FCS).
  4. Privacy Consent: you will need to consent to the disclosure of the personal and financial information about you, your business and Guarantor, in connection with any proposed or actual dealing of that kind.
  5. Inconsistencies: If there is any inconsistency between the Customer Agreement and any other document between You and the Supplier, the Customer Agreement will prevail.
  6. Guarantee: you will be required to guarantee the obligations of your business. Make sure that you understand your obligations as a guarantor before giving the guarantee. By giving a guarantee, you are obliged to pay money if the Customer does not. You should consider obtaining legal or financial advice (or both) before entering the guarantee.
  7. Guarantor: the guarantor must guarantee to FCS the due and punctual performance by you of your obligations under the Customer Agreement and indemnify FCS against all loss, damage, costs, and expenses suffered or incurred by FCS because of any breach by you of any of the terms of the Customer Agreement.
  8. Fees and Charges: you maybe required to pay an Account Establishment Fee to your Supplier and you will be required to pay the amounts of referred to in 2 above on default.
  9. Acceptance and Process: once you have verbally acknowledged these Summary Terms and Conditions your Supplier will provide you with a quote, establish your account if you proceed and send you an SMS containing a link to review and electronically accept the Customer Agreement. A copy of the Customer Agreement will then be mailed to you.

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