Shutters are the most up and coming window treatment on the market today. They are as good, if not better than curtains for insulation. This versatile product also has the benefit of complete light control. Available in a range of materials to suit windows inside or out it is hard to go wrong with shutters.

From Vivid P.V.C Shutters, to Basswood & Aluminium Shutters there is bound to be a solution for you.

Vivid Shutters

Are made from a Thermo Polymer, which makes these the ideal option for internal wet areas and external entertaining spaces. The Vivid Shutters are easy to maintaim/clean and have a long life span, these Shutters also insulate your home up to 70% more efficiently.
Which comes in 3 specialty colours: Bright White, White & Pearl.
There are 3 louvre widths available for you to select from: 64mm, 89mm & 115mm.
All the louvres come standard with reinforced cores, for added louvre stability.

Basswood Shutters

This fabulous style of window furnishing is stylish and contemporary; it can give any property a classic, elegant finish. With the wide variety of colours available, 11 painted and 12 stained, we are sure you will find the colour just for you.
There are 3 louvre widths available for your convenience: 63mm, 89mm & 114mm. The louvre shape is elliptical and this allows an easy of movement, without sharp edges.

The minimum width that any one panel can be is 900mm (Hinged). For sliding doors you have 2 options, the bi-folding option, along with the sliding option. The Bi-Folding style folds back panel by panel, stacking into the room, and maximises the opening of the door way, letting lots of natural light in. The sliding option creates panels that slide either way, like a glass sliding door. This style is for the space wary.
If you want this classic, clean look but don’t want any more rods blocking your view you can have your tilt rod hidden, or centred to the window frames, or even off centred. The options are endless with Basswood Shutters.

The best part of owning Shutters is the ease of mind knowing that these blinds are child safe. They also have the added benefits of being easy to clean and maintain, durability and the fact you can install them on basically any window shape.

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