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Enerlogic window film
is the next generation of glass insulation technology which helps save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs all year long. Enerlogic Window Films are distributed exclusively through MEP films Australia, which is one of the quality brands that The Blind Man Company is licensed to stock and install.

The Window Film works by being applied to the inside of your existing windows, which allows sunlight to enter through the glass, but blocks UV rays and reduces heat and glare. This new coating delivers maximum energy efficiency in every season, creating large savings on your heating costs. Window tinting is fast becoming a cheaper alternative to double glazing, with Enerlogic Window Tinting costing less than half the price of double glazing.

The other advantage of Enerlogic Window Tinting is the automatic upgrade of poorly insulating windows into energy efficient windows. The layer of Enerlogic Window Film acts as an extra pane of glass for insulating performance turning single pane windows into dual pane windows, and dual pane windows into triple pane windows.

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